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Precision Technic DefenceSustainabilityOur Climate efforts


Precision Technic Defence Group has commenced a dedicated journey towards more sustainable operations, with climate preservation and environmental footprint serving as evaluation criteria for all new products, solutions, and procedures. This positions us as your proactive partner, ready to support your organisation in attaining its sustainability objectives.


Repair, reuse & recycle

We believe that repair, reuse, and recycling play pivotal roles in fostering a green transition and shaping a more sustainable future. In line with this belief, we provide comprehensive repair and maintenance services on a wide range of products.

With our repair and maintenance services our aim is not only to ensure optimal functionality and safety but also to extend the lifespan of your products, keeping them in service for as long as possible. For you, a longer product lifespan means a better return on investment. From an environmental point of view, it means less waste and a more responsible use of resources.

From waste to value

With the introduction of a comprehensive waste sorting and recycling system, we have gradually changed our perception of waste. Today, we strive to see waste as value and to reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfills or incinerators.  For example, we ensure that packaging materials are recycled and used more than once, and we recycle tradeshow stands again and again.

We have also reduced food waste in our staff cafeteria, by encouraging our employees to let the kitchen staff know whether they will be having lunch or not. By producing less waste, recycling more, and thinking of waste as value, we contribute to saving and protecting valuable resources.

Cutting CO2 step by step

We hold a firm belief that small steps also matter and collectively have the power to effect real change. We strive to empower positive change by encouraging everyone to contribute wherever possible – step by step.

To reduce CO2 emissions, we limit air travel, encourage carpooling, and have established satellite offices to minimise commuting and transportation needs.  We have implemented an energy-efficient lighting system and will be introducing electric charging stations in the parking lot at our new headquarter, further promoting sustainable transportation practices.

Our new headquarter will be DGNB certified to Gold, demonstrating our dedication to reducing our environmental impact. DGNB is an international certification standard for sustainable buildings.

The new Headquarter of Precision Technic Defence Group

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