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The new Headquarter of Precision Technic Defence Group


Precision Technic Defence Group

Precision Technic Defence Group is a global leader in advanced defence solutions aimed at ensuring safe and stable societies and safeguarding people and communities from military threats, natural disasters, accidents, or acts of terrorism.

Building on decades of experience and expertise from the military industry, we offer defence solutions and systems that meet the requirements of all types of military missions and operational environments. Our extensive portfolio also covers solutions for a wide range of civilian operations and humanitarian tasks in both times of peace and crisis.

Precision Technic Defence Group offers a unique range of solutions from over 250 partners worldwide and has extensive experience in matching technologies and interoperability requirements for a full range of integrated solutions. Beyond being a product provider, we serve as a trusted advisor to nations, governments, armed forces, national security agencies, and law enforcement across the globe.

Our solutions empower servicemen and women with enhanced operational capabilities, improved individual performance, and tactical and strategic superiority in even the most challenging conditions and environments. In collaboration with them, we share a common goal: to protect people and societies around the world.

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