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Career - join pur team at Precision Technic Defence Group

Meet our people

Precision Technic DefenceCareerMeet our people

Our people

Precision Technic Defence Group employs a wide range of talented professionals with a diverse set of skills, experiences, and backgrounds. Discover their inspiring personal stories about working for Precision Technic Defence Group and get an insight into the various job opportunities that we offer, our company culture, and everyday life at our organisation

As an Inside Sales Coordinator, my primary job is order administration. This includes placing orders with suppliers once the customer accepts the proposal, tracking deliveries, and coordinating the shipment of goods. At Precision Technic Defence I thrive on strong teamwork, which not only brings me immense job satisfaction but also allows me to leverage my skills and face challenges that contribute to my professional and personal growth.

Anne, Inside Sales Coordinator, Precision Technic Defence A/S

As a Transportation and Logistics Specialist, a typical workday involves tracking multiple shipments across the globe to ensure their on-time delivery. I communicate with people all over the world, developing and maintaining positive relationships with strategic partners, all to promote a healthy and efficient supply chain. I have the support of a professional global team, and I can rely on their knowledge, experience, and credibility in any task. With a clear company mission and clearly defined expectations, we all know exactly where we are going – and how we are going to get there.

Michael, Transportation Logistics Specialist, Precision Technic Defence Inc.

As a Senior Product Manager specialising in Soldier Systems, my primary responsibility is to provide information on and accessibility to all relevant products for the defence and police, including the latest offerings. Drawing from my military background, I bring substantial expertise and strong relationships within the armed forces and law enforcement, along with a thorough understanding of their requirements. Collaborating with former military colleagues and engaging in a role that aligns with my previous military experience is what I find most fulfilling about my job.

Lars, Senior Product Manager, Soldier Systems, Precision Technic Defence A/S

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