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Our subsidiary, Precision Services, provides highly technical maintenance, integration and services aimed at ensuring the continued functionality, reliability, and effectiveness of our products and systems throughout the entire life cycle. Our services include life cycle sustainment management, technical management, and infrastructure management.

Life cycle sustainment management

Precision Services offers maintenance and repair services for all our products and solutions. Maintenance and repair services are conducted either at our specialised workshop in Denmark or locally at any location required.

Our technicians are experts in their field and possess skilled technical know-how and proficiency. They have access to state-of-the-art tools and support equipment and employ streamlined processes and procedures as well as meticulous maintenance data collection practices.

Precision Services also provides spare part management and handles, stores, and supplies spare parts for all our products and systems. We ensure that the right spare parts are available at the right time, ultimately reducing downtime, cutting costs, and prolonging the life of your assets.

Upon reaching the end of a product’s service life, Precision Services helps in the responsible disposal of products and systems and in de-militarization of military items. We guarantee regulatory compliance and an environmentally responsible end-of-life process.

Technical management

Precision Services offers a comprehensive range of technical services, including engineering support, computer support, and technical data support, to enhance the performance and efficiency of your systems.

Our engineering support team has direct access to OEM engineers, and we cooperate closely with our OEM partners on all our products and solutions. Our close collaboration ensures the integrity of your system’s design and is your guarantee for continuous improvements and upgrades throughout the system’s life cycle, keeping your system at the forefront of technology.

Our computer support services encompass the identification, acquisition, and management of computing hardware, firmware, software, documentation, and other essential resources. We ensure that your computing infrastructure is reliable, efficient, and aligned with your needs.

We also offer technical data support, including managing recorded information required to acquire, operate, or support a system. We maintain various types of specifications and standards, instructions, reports, manuals, software documentation, and training materials to support your operations effectively.

Infrastructure management

Precision Services offers infrastructure management services, including facilities, personnel, support and test, equipment, and training.

We help analyse and define your facility and infrastructure needs to ensure the efficiency and performance of your system throughout its entire life cycle. This includes facility and infrastructure improvements, location and space needs, as well environmental and security requirements.

Our well-equipped optronics and electronics workshop and test centre have access to all the required equipment for the operation and maintenance of your system throughout its life cycle. This includes for example, ground handling and maintenance equipment, as well as manual/automatic test equipment.

Precision Services also ensures you have access to personnel with the necessary qualifications to install, test, operate, maintain, and support your system throughout its life cycle. This includes continuous personnel development, recruiting, and training.

Our training services ensure that your user and service personnel possess the necessary skills to operate and support your system. Our training programmes cover user, crew, and maintainer requirements, and our services include conducting operator and maintainer training, assistance during training courses by your team or OEM instructors, as well as training materials.

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