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We’ve got you covered

At Precision Technic Defence Group, we take responsibility for the entire value chain, allowing our stakeholders to focus on what they do best. Whether it’s conducting military operations or manufacturing unique products and solutions, our dedicated team is always prepared to provide service and support guided by our core values: credibility, knowledge, and quality.

With a profound understanding of our stakeholders, their capabilities, and qualifications, we tailor solutions to meet their specific needs. Our extensive network comprises more than 250 industry partners, each distinguished for their unique and cutting-edge technologies, ensuring that we can design and deliver the precise solutions required.

We take pride in being a trusted advisor, committed to managing the complete spectrum of the customer journey. This commitment is encapsulated in what we proudly term our cradle-to-grave-solution – or our all-in-one solution.

Our all-in-one solution spans five essential domains, all working to enhance the operational efficiency of your business. These encompass Partner Management, Business Development, Sales and Distribution, Supply Chain Management, and Service and Support.

With our all-in-one solution our aim is to optimise your business operations, streamline processes, increase efficiency, and empower your business or project for success. We ensure that every facet of our all-in-one solution collaborates seamlessly, considering all pertinent aspects for your business’ benefit.

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Stakeholder Bridging

At Precision Technic Defence Group, we are dedicated to building lasting partnerships with all stakeholders to enhance the value we offer our customers. Our strong emphasis on partner management ensures that our partners and suppliers are always aligned with the needs and objectives of our customers.

Our collaboration with our partners also extends to product development. We bridge the gap between product developers and end-users by providing invaluable feedback to our partners based on end-user experiences and needs. By sharing insights into user requirements and challenges, we facilitate product improvements and customization, ensuring that our customers gain access to solutions tailored to their specific demands.

We work closely with our partners within our key business areas to ensure that we stay at the absolute forefront of technology and developments within our specific product domains. This enables us to deliver innovative solutions and expert technical support, positioning us as trusted advisors to our customers.

Many of our partners are in the US, and through our eight subsidiaries, we nurture and sustain valuable relationships with these partners. Our subsidiaries are a unique setup that grants us – and thereby you – convenient access to an extensive network of experts, technical resources, and state-of-the-art products and solutions.

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Solution Development

At Precision Technic Defence Group, our commitment to business development drives us to stay ahead of future trends. This proactive approach ensures that we not only design, plan, execute, and support long-term investments but also consistently adhere to the environmental, social, and governance standards of the industry.

From cradle to grave, we offer your business valuable opportunities for optimising operational efficiency. We provide guidance and recommendations to empower you in making informed decisions, ultimately contributing to the growth and development of your business and operations.

Understanding your unique challenges and objectives is vital to our business. We actively share your feedback and insights with our partners to drive innovation and facilitate product improvements that have the potential to directly benefit you, your project, and business.

Sustainability is an integral part of our business development strategy, and we encourage our partners to adopt sustainable practices too. Our focus includes for example, implementing take-back systems, enabling the recycling of outdated products. By adopting sustainable practices, we help you achieve your sustainability goals, while promoting the sustainable development of your business.

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Through strong collaboration with stakeholders and a deep understanding of their needs, possibilities, and challenges, we tailor the right solutions, that ensure your specific requirements are met, and your missions accomplished efficiently and effectively.

We sell directly, often through tenders, supply individual components to others and their tenders, engage in direct sales, or distribute products through partners, including local dealers or industry collaborations. Our versatile sales approach ensures that that there is always a pathway to address your requests.

Our operations are strategically positioned in various countries, including Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Poland,  France, The United Kingdom, Australia and the USA, allowing us to be close to customers almost anywhere in the world. The proximity to you guarantees an on-going dialogue that lays the foundation for an understanding of your unique challenges and paves the way for customised solutions.

Our local presence also allows us to demonstrate our products directly to you. The first-hand experience of our products eases your decision-making process and helps ensure that you get the exact solution to match your specific needs. It also ensures that we get your immediate feedback, allowing us to customise the solution together with our partners to meet your unique requirements.

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Supply Chain Management

At Precision Technic Defence Group, we take on the responsibility for managing every aspect of the supply chain, from start to finish, to ensure seamless operation and optimised performance.

Through our American subsidiary, Precision Technic Defence Inc., we handle critical components that make up your supply chain. This includes logistics, export and export compliance, as well as sales and distribution.

By taking charge of the complete supply chain, we ensure that products are available when and where you need them – and we allow our manufacturing partners to focus solely on their core mission: developing and producing the best possible solutions.

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Service and Support

At Precision Technic Defence Group, we are aware of the critical importance of ensuring that the solutions we provide can be serviced promptly. Therefore, our products can be serviced locally around the world, saving you both time and resources.

Our service and support teams offer skilled technical know-how and expertise and can service an extensive range of products and systems in strict accordance with the manufacturer’s standards and requirements.

Local service and support offer numerous advantages for you as our customer. Primarily, it significantly reduces down-time compared to shipping products overseas for repairs. This translates to cost savings, as there is no need to invest in extra equipment to cover extended repair periods, making local servicing an economically efficient solution.

Furthermore, servicing products locally aligns perfectly with our focus on sustainability. By avoiding shipping products across the world for repairs, we – and you – reduce our environmental footprint to the benefit of all of us.



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