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Platform and Sensor Systems

Precision Technic DefenceAll-in-one-solutionPlatform and Sensor Systems

Precision Technic Defence Group offers unparalleled capabilities to support joint combined operations. Our expertise spans a wide range of areas, including air, sea, and land platform sensors and communication systems, weapons, and ammunition ensuring comprehensive support for diverse missions and operations.

Our extensive partnerships with market-leading specialists enable us to deliver turnkey solutions that incorporate advanced sensor technology for surveillance, intelligence, and combat operations across the full spectrum of air, sea, and land activities.

We manage the seamless integration across solutions and systems and guarantee complete interoperability with your NATO and coalition partners. This ensures that your investment remains future-proof and cost-effective.

With our wealth of experience in platform and sensor systems, we assure you a dependable, low-risk process, even in complex, large-scale projects.


  • Fully integrated turnkey solutions
  • Complete interoperability with key partners
  • Future-proof and cost-effective investment
  • Extensive experience = low risk
  • Enhanced operational awareness
  • Superior tactical advantages


Gain tactical advantages and enhance the operational awareness of soldiers with advanced platform and sensor systems. Our solutions include:

  • ISTAR systems for​ Land, Sea, and Air.
  • Light Tactical Vehicle solutions​
  • Indirect Fire Systems,
  • Crew Served Weapons, Remote Weapons Systems,​
  • EO/IR systems for Dismounted Troops, Crew Served Weapons and Remote weapons systems
  • Battlefield Awareness Systems in form of EO/IR, Radar and Acoustical
  • Short range C-UAS Solution​
  • Optronics
  • Field Battery Power System​

For enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact our professional team of experienced military and law enforcement personnel who possess extensive experience in international military and civilian operations.

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