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Unmanned Systems

Precision Technic DefenceAll-in-one-solutionUnmanned Systems

Precision Technic Defence Group specialises in providing advanced unmanned systems and solutions for military, civil, and humanitarian missions, serving nations, governments, armed forces, national security agencies, and law enforcement worldwide.

We offer comprehensive, fully integrable unmanned systems that maximise operational capabilities and ensure tactical superiority in even the most challenging conditions and environments.

Leveraging our extensive network of high-tech partners, we provide state-of-the-art technology and unparalleled next-generation solutions, ensuring your access to the best and most future-proof solutions available in the market.

We are able to deliver comprehensive and fully integrated solutions across our product areas Warrior Systems and Platform and Sensor Systems. Our expertise extends to seamlessly managing integration for both existing and new systems, guaranteeing an efficient experience that yields tactical, operational, and strategic excellence.


  • Complete and integrable unmanned systems
  • Extensive partner network = best solutions in the market
  • Next-generation technology = future-proof investment
  • Integrated solutions across Warrior Systems and Platform and Sensor Systems
  • Tactical superiority
  • Operational and strategic excellence


Gain tactical situational awareness in military and security operations with complete and integrable unmanned systems.

Our unmanned systems and solutions include:

  • Unmanned Aerial Systems​
  • Unmanned Ground Vehicles Systems​
  • Unmanned Maritime Solutions
  • C-UAS solutions​
  • Counter Drone Training Systems
  • Software for Augmented reality and Automation​
  • Integrating artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms

For enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact our professional team of experienced military and law enforcement personnel who possess extensive knowledge of international military and civilian operations.

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