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Training Services - At Precision Technic Group our commitment to our customers and partners extends beyond our solutions.

Training Service

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Excel in operation

At Precision Technic Group our commitment to our customers and partners extends beyond our solutions. To ensure that our customers and end-users are equipped with the expertise required to excel in any operational situation and environment, we provide comprehensive training services, including general-, system-, and solution-specific training to meet diverse needs.

Solution-specific training

At Precision Technic Defence Group, we firmly believe that training and support are essential for the effective deployment of any solution in the field. Consequently, we are committed to deliver high-quality training and application support for all our solutions. Our aim is to empower our end-users, arming them with the skills and knowledge needed to maximise the potential of our cutting-edge solutions, and equipping them with the expertise required to excel in any operational situation and environment.

Distinguishing ourselves in our industry, we go to extraordinary lengths by sending our own experts to the world’s most demanding and challenging environments. Here, they provide vital hands-on and on-ground training in the utilisation of our solutions. We venture into critical regions and conflict zones across the globe, providing our end-users with vital training to protect lives and freedom, and safeguarding people from for example, military threats, natural disasters, accidents, or acts of terrorism.

Our team of experts and instructors is an experienced group of professionals with backgrounds in the military, law enforcement, and security, all with extensive hands-on experience from the field. Their expertise extends beyond mere product knowledge; they have directly encountered the harsh realities of military conflicts, crises, and disasters. This first-hand knowledge and real-world experience set our training apart and make a vital difference in preparing individuals for the challenges they may encounter in the field.

General training

Through close collaboration with our partners, Precision Technic Defence Group provides an extensive range of specialised training courses. Our training programmes cover a diverse range of topics, from tactical operations to strategic planning, and are continuously updated to align with recent developments and security challenges. Our overall goal is to equip our customers and end-users with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in various operational scenarios – in peace as well as during military conflicts.

Our general training courses are founded on the world’s most prestigious elite military training programmes, coupled with real-world experience from conflict zones and military crises around the globe. Our instructors are experienced professionals, comprising military, police, and security personnel, all with extensive first-hand field experience.

We customise our general training programmes to meet specific customer requirements. This approach guarantees that course participants receive the most relevant and effective instruction to address their specific needs and the challenges they will encounter in their operational environments.

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