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Precision Technic Defence Group delivers advanced C4ISR technology and systems that support and optimise military operations and national security efforts. Our team of military professionals offers experience-based consulting to guarantee that you receive the optimal solution for your specific requirements.

We are experts in integration, enabling communication across hardware and domains and seamlessly integrating your existing solutions with new technology to optimise military operations and prepare you for any challenge or crisis.

Our extensive high-tech partnerships guarantee that we utilise next-generation technology, ensuring that your investment remains future-proof. Through our coalition-centric partnerships, we are able to deliver comprehensive solutions that ensure integration and interoperability with main NATO and coalition partners.


  • Next-generation technology = future-proof investment
  • Full integration and interoperability with key partners
  • Complete solutions through extensive partnerships
  • Integration of existing solutions with new technology
  • Complete and fully integrated solutions = easy and cost-effective
  • Experience-based consulting


Optimise military operations with advanced technology and systems. Our C4ISR systems include for example:​

  • Integrated battle-proven power and data management solutions for dismounted soldiers
  • Security software for all hardware
  • Rugged EUDs and CASING of all tactical situations
  • Battle management software tailored to the end-user
  • Digital FIRES software
  • GPS denied navigation, both software and hardware
  • Advanced data and voice communication systems ​
  • Advanced Augmented Reality Technology​
  • Enabling communication across hardware and domains
  • Bridging already in service hardware and software with new technology

For enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact our professional team of experienced military and law enforcement personnel who possess extensive knowledge of international military and civilian operations.

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