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Precision Technic DefenceSustainabilityOur approach


We firmly believe that freedom and safety form the foundation for a sustainable world – and vice versa – and sustainability is therefore an integral part of our corporate strategy.


We are committed to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

The United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals embodies a vital global mission to combat poverty, protect the environment, and promote universal prosperity. The global goals encompass a broad spectrum of critical issues, including access to clean water and affordable energy, hunger eradication, gender equality, and the establishment of sustainable communities.

Founded in the UN goals, Precision Technic Defence Group has defined five key focus areas that guide our sustainability efforts. Our five key focus areas are:

  • Climate
  • Social responsibility and workers’ welfare
  • Human rights
  • Economic sustainability
  • Anti-bribery

We are part of an ecosystem

Systemic thinking is the cornerstone of our sustainability efforts. This means that we adopt a holistic approach, recognising that we are not a standalone entity but exist within a larger ecosystem; an ecosystem that includes the manufacturers and end-users of our products and services.

We acknowledge our position within this ecosystem and actively work towards assuming greater responsibility. Our Cradle-to-Grave approach exemplifies this commitment, as we not only provide products but also offer comprehensive services aimed at prolonging the life our products.  Extending a product’s lifespan is crucial for sustainability as it postpones or even eliminates the need for new products, thereby contributing to resource conservation, waste reduction, and decreased carbon emissions.

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