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U.S. Army 3rd Infantry Division (3ID) Puts TRX Systems’ EW Kit to the Test

The U.S. Army’s 3rd Infantry Division (3ID) put TRX’s Dismount Electronic Warfare (EW) Kit to the test during a Tactical Electronic Warfare Kit Capstone Event held at Fort Stewart in Georgia earlier this May.

Traditionally, navigational warfare (NAVWAR) is orchestrated from Tactical Operations Centers (TOCs) and overwatch positions located on the periphery of a conflict zone. The TRX EW Kit, for the first time, puts advanced electronic warfighting tools into the hands of dismounted soldiers, enabling them to detect, map, and mitigate NAVWAR attacks in real-time, directly from their positions on the battlefield.

Deployed in a low SWaP package, the EW Kit seamlessly brings powerful new capabilities to ATAK-equipped soldiers. It gives warfighters real-time situational awareness into jamming or spoofing threats at their immediate location and from other dismount personnel sharing data over the TAK network.

Additionally, the EW Kit geo-references and maps those local threats, so soldiers can act immediately to disable them. It can also communicate that threat data to upstream electronic warfare fusion and visualization platforms, enabling threats discovered and mapped by dismounts to be combined in the overall NAVWAR threat picture.

Of course, these capabilities are only viable if the dismounted soldier is receiving reliable position data while under attack. To that end, the TRX EW Kit is powered by a suite of patented algorithms that fuse inertial sensors, GNSS signals, ultra-wideband (UWB), map data, and other inputs to deliver assured contingent PNT sources to dismount personnel operating in the presence of compromised or intentionally denied GNSS signals.

During the Fort Stewart event, 3ID soldiers faced several scenarios where, while dismounted and spread out among terrain that included dense woods, city buildings, and tunnels, their communications were degraded. Using the TRX EW Kit, they were successfully able to identify jammer locations while continuing to communicate accurate soldier position data during the NAVWAR attack.