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TRX Systems Wins U.S. Army xTechSearch 3 Competition

TRX Systems awarded $250,000 grand prize after demonstrating assured PNT in satellite-denied environments.


TRX Systems, developer of NEON® GPS-Denied Location Solutions, was awarded the $250,000 Grand Prize at the U.S. Army’s third Expeditionary Technology Search (xTechSearch 3) competition. TRX Systems was selected as the xTechSearch 3 Grand Prize winner by the Assistant Secretary of the Army for Acquisition, Logistics and Technology (ASA(ALT)) at the virtual xTech Summit held Sept. 9-11, 2020.

xTechSearch, known as the “Original Army Technology Innovation Competition,” is a biannual competition focused on uncovering paradigm-breaking, dual-use science and technology solutions developed by small businesses and nontraditional companies. During the four-phased competition which began in April 2019, TRX introduced, tested, and demonstrated innovative technology that supports delivery of robust satellite-denied position for dismounted soldiers as well as vehicle platforms operating in both naturally and intentionally denied environments. In the third phase (announced at AUSA Annual Meeting last fall), 12 companies were selected and each received mentoring and transition support.

Last week, during the xTechSearch 3 Virtual Summit, TRX Systems and the 11 other finalists selected were given the opportunity to pitch and virtually demonstrate their technology solutions, each aimed at tackling the Army’s most critical modernization challenges. The capstone presentations and demonstrations were judged by U.S. Army representatives based on their potential impact and revolution, scientific and engineering viability, team ability, and demonstration execution. TRX CEO Carol Politi showcased TRX’s unique ability to work with existing military applications to utilize map data to robustly deliver PNT where GPS and other satellite sources are unavailable. The full virtual demonstration can be found here.

“The xTechSearch team’s mentorship and expertise over the past eighteen months helped TRX accelerate, mature, and transition technologies needed by the Army,” said Carol Politi, President and CEO of TRX Systems. “TRX is now better integrated in the Army’s S&T ecosystem – we were awarded several new programs including one supporting transition of the specific innovation we proposed for xTech” Ms. Politi added.