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Code of Conduct

Precision Technic DefenceSustainabilityCode of ConductCode of conduct

Our shared commitment

With our Code of Conduct we acknowledge that each member of our team plays a critical role in supporting and protecting one of our most valuable assets – the trust that our customers, investors, and employees place in us.

To protect the trust that our business rests upon, we expect all members of our corporation as well as third parties with whom we do business to demonstrate a similar commitment to business ethics.

Third parties who have not already adopted their own robust code of conduct are required to follow our Code of Conduct for Third Parties which describes our expectations to our vendors, suppliers, re-sellers, contractors, agents, representatives, and other partners with whom we do business.

Each one of us hold a shared commitment to ensure that everyone understands their obligations to follow the standards described in the Code of Conduct. Moreover, we expect each member of our team to keep updated on the content of our Code of Conduct and help train others to support a strong culture of business ethics.

Bribery & corruption

Precision Technic Defence Group will not tolerate any form of bribery or corruption, and we insist that all business associates comply with all applicable anti-corruption laws and regulations, including but not limited to the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, UK and Danish Bribery Act.

Making or offering bribes, kickbacks, other payments, or items of value, directly or indirectly, to anyone for the purpose of wrongfully obtaining or retaining business related to products or services provided by Precision Technic Defence Group or resold by any business associate is strictly prohibited.

This includes officials, employees, or representatives of any government, political parties, candidates for office, or public or international organisations, as well as any third party where there is reason to believe that it will be passed on to anyone involved in the business decision process for the purpose of influencing the decision.

Even where allowed by applicable laws and regulations, any travel-related expenses and business amenities provided must be reasonable, tied to a product demonstration and not provided for the purpose of obtaining or retaining Precision Technic Defence Group’s business.

We also do not allow “facilitation payments” – small sums paid to government officials to expedite or facilitate non-discretionary actions or services such as obtaining a visa or custom clearance.

Conflict minerals

Precision Technic Defence Group requires due diligence throughout its supply chain to prevent the use of conflict minerals that are obtained from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and other war zones or areas of conflict worldwide. Many conflict minerals (including tin, tantalum, tungsten, and gold) are used in the manufacturing of electronic equipment and other products, and suppliers to Precision Technic Defence Group are expected to develop reasonable policies and processes to ensure all products are responsibly manufactured.

Suppliers must fully cooperate with Precision Technic Defence Group’s diligence process, including responding in a timely manner to inquiries regarding the sourcing and origin of the components and products that Precision Technic Defence Group buys.

Equal opportunity

Precision Technic Defence Group and its business associates must ensure and provide a workplace free from unlawful harassment and discrimination. This includes physical and verbal behaviour that is abusive, offensive, or threatening and targets characteristics protected by laws applicable to the business. It also includes employment decisions based on legally protected traits.

Precision Technic Defence Group further encourages all its business associates to promote a diverse and inclusive workforce regardless of applicable law to maximise the talents and potentials of their employees and teams.

Fair competition

Precision Technic Defence Group will always compete fairly and ethically for all business opportunities. This includes conducting business in accordance with all applicable antitrust and fair competition laws and regulations.

Examples of prohibited anti-competitive conduct include but are not limited to: (1) discussing or agreeing to divide or share markets or customers (2) discussing or agreeing on pricing with competitors (3) coordinating with competitors on bids/proposals; and (4) joining with others to boycott suppliers or clients.

In addition, Precision Technic Defence Group expects all employees and business associates to be truthful in their communications and representations and must not make any unauthorised commitments on behalf of the company.

Financial reporting

Precision Technic Defence Group expects accurate and reliable records that fully represent the event or business transaction that took place. This applies to all submissions that is made to or from Precision Technic Defence Group or its clients, including but not limited to, financial information, labour costs, business expenses, business reports and documentation, and required deliverables. Precision Technic Defence Group will not tolerate business associates or employee’s that conceal or misrepresent records while conducting business in support or on behalf of the company.

Human rights

Good corporate citizenship and compliance with applicable laws and regulations requires that all employees, business associates, and suppliers respect human rights in all aspects of their business operations.

Suppliers must adhere to all applicable laws that combat human trafficking, child labour, indentured servitude, and forced or unlawful labour practices, and fully cooperate with Precision Technic Defence Group’s diligence processes to ensure that no such practices exist within the supply chain.

Global trade compliance

As a global company, Precision Technic Defence Group must follow export/import laws and regulations concerning controlled products, technical data, software, as well as the provision of defence articles and services. Importantly, these legal obligations extend to our business associates regardless of their location around the world.

We expect all employees and business associates to be familiar with all applicable export and import laws and regulations regarding defence services, controlled products, and technology. Failure to comply with all applicable export/import regulations could expose Precision Technic Defence Group and others to potential fines, criminal prosecution, and loss of export privileges.

Our employees, partners, or business associates are required to provide advance notice to Precision Technic Defence Group if any unauthorised persons want access to controlled item(s) or services.

Insider trading

We expect every member of our team to fully comply with applicable insider trading and securities laws governing transactions in Precision Technic Defence Group securities, as well as those of our mutual clients. Securities include common stocks, bonds, options, futures, and other financial instruments.

If a member of our team possesses or has access to material, non-public information gained through their job at Precision Technic Defence Group or our clients, they are not allowed to use it to trade in securities. These restrictions also apply to their family members, friends, and associates.

Information security

Precision Technic Defence Group is committed to protecting information, information systems, and critical infrastructure while protecting the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information across Precision Technic Defence Group’s domain.

The purpose of safeguarding information is to help protect people, property, products, processes, and information systems by enhancing security throughout Precision Technic Defence Group’s value chain.

We expect each individual and organisation to follow best practices and industry standards to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and accessibility of Precision Technic Defence Group information, including personal information, through appropriate physical and cyber security procedures.

This includes but are not limited to protecting privileged access (credentials) to Precision Technic Defence Group’s domain, selecting and maintaining high quality passwords, installing, and maintaining security software on digital devices, keeping antivirus software up to date, running regular security scans on digital devices, and avoiding potential sources of cyber infection.

Furthermore, the organisation must comply with all applicable data privacy laws to ensure these requirements are met throughout the organisation, as well as sub-tier vendors, suppliers, and partners in support of Precision Technic Defence Group’s business.

If a member of our team becomes aware of an actual or potential data breach or cyberattack, affecting Precision Technic Defence Group’s data or systems, or that of our customers or their patrons, they are required to promptly notify an Information Security Officer or nearest Point of Contact and keep us apprised of their actions to address and remedy the issue.

Confidential information

Our employees, partners, or business associates may be entrusted with sensitive information which may be considered proprietary, confidential, or personal by Precision Technic Defence Group, our partners, or customers.

We expect anyone trusted with confidential information to rigorously protect the confidentiality of such information, use the information only for which it was intended, and ensure that the information is not reproduced or released to anyone outside the organisation unless this has been properly authorised.

Conflicts of interest

Precision Technic Defence Group expects all employees, partners, and business associates to avoid personal and organisational conflicts of interest when dealing with or on behalf of our company.

Any act that could be perceived as biased or as favourable treatment can cast doubt on our integrity and put our reputation as risk. Even the perception of a conflict of interest must therefore always be avoided and any instances of actual or potential conflicts between yourself or your personnel and those of Precision Technic Defence Group, its partners, or customers must promptly be recorded.

For example, we require that all known family relationships and material, financial or business relationships between any principals, employees, or agents and Precision Technic Defence Group’s employees or agents must be disclosed to Precision Technic Defence Group immediately.


We do not accept the exchange of business courtesies (i.e., meals, hospitality, entertainment, travel costs, and gifts) with private, commercial, or government customers to gain an unfair advantage or improperly influence business decisions.

Precision Technic Defence Group and its partners must compete on the merits of their products and services, and offering or accepting a gift or meal is only permissible when it is modest in value, consistent with local customs or practices and not contrary to any applicable law.

Furthermore, we do not put pressure on any individual to accept a business courtesy that goes against their employer’s rules or policies. For example, our government customers often prohibit their employees from accepting even nominal items or modestly priced meals.

Compliance & corporation

Anyone doing business with Precision Technic Defence Group, and with others on Precision Technic Defence Group’s behalf, must agree to conduct business according to the standards of our Code of Conduct.

All employees and contractors working under contract with Precision Technic Defence Group must be advised of these standards and of their obligation to comply. If requested by Precision Technic Defence Group, they must cooperate with company efforts to investigate an alleged violation of the Code of Conduct and be willing to contribute to the periodic revalidation of employees, partners, and business associates.

Business partners must maintain documentation necessary to demonstrate their compliance with our Code of Conduct and provide Precision Technic Defence Group or its independent auditor with access to such documentation upon reasonable request.

Any violation of our Code of Conduct may cause the termination of a business relationship or employment, including all related contracts.

Reporting violations

Precision Technic Defence Group urges all employees, partners, and business associates to support our shared commitment to strong business ethics. Any unlawful or unethical situation related to business conducted with or on behalf of Precision Technic Defence Group must promptly be reported to Precision Technic Defence Group via nearest point of contact or by e-mail.

Please include any information that you have regarding the incident or situation. Precision Technic Defence Group takes all reports of illegal or unethical conduct seriously and will conduct a prompt and thorough review or investigation.

Precision Technic Defence Group does not permit or condone retaliation against any person for reporting a suspected issue in good faith. Likewise, we will not tolerate our business associates or partners retaliating against their employees for reporting an issue to us in good faith. Retaliation by, or against, a business associate employee or agent is a violation of this Code of Conduct and may result in suspension or termination of our business relationship.