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PT Defence Group Signs MoU with AUGVA for Warfighter UGV European Distribution and continued Development

Precision Technic Defence Group and AUGVA have signed an MoU to work collaboratively in developing and growing the Warfighter UGV capability for the European market.

The Warfighter UGV is a world leading capability, combining unrivalled platform mobility as demonstrated by the DARPA SubT challenge, with fire support, ISR and load carriage payloads. The platform is the lightest UGV in the world to effectively fire 50 cal, can carry 340kg payload up 50% gradient, and has options for battery only auxiliary power solutions. The platform is only 1050mm wide, making it well suited for close country and contested environments, whilst its base weight of 420kg gives it a lighter logistics footprint for various transportability considerations.

Director of AUGVA Stephen Bornstein spoke of the MoU “We have been looking for suitable partners to support and grow European operations, and Precision Technic’s strong Australian presence, tactical focus and global reach was the perfect choice. We look forward to working with Jeppe and the global Precision Technic team to showcase what this platform can do in modern land combat, as well as tailoring the product for European operations.”

“Precision Technic Defence Group is proud to announce the partnership with this innovative and proven technology company. The capabilities go very much alongside the capabilities and effects that we, as a team, are providing but taken these into the unmanned ground vehicle space. There are loads of opportunities for utilization, limited only by imagination. In addition, we see another great example of bridging the global partnerships,” says Jeppe Müller, CEO, Precision Technic Defence Group.

AUGVA is a joint venture of BIA5 and Cyborg Dynamics Engineering, providing military robotics solutions to defence customers including the Warfighter UGV and Vulcan UGVs.