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Now launching: All-in-one solution and new website

Over the past years, Precision Technic Defence Group’s services have evolved into an all-in-one-solution from cradle to grave, covering five essential domains, including Partner Management, Business Development, Procurement, Supply Chain Management, and Service and Support.

‘With our all-in-one solution, we manage the complete spectrum of the customer journey, optimising our clients’ solution development, streamlining processes, and increasing efficiency. On our new website, we are proud to present in detail our all-in-one solution and the benefits it offers to our clients, says Jeppe Müller, CoB at Precision Technic Defence Group.

Expanding our global presence
Precision Technic Defence was initially founded in Denmark but has in recent years evolved into a global group corporation, strategically positioned in the USA, Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Sweden, Poland, and Australia. By continuously expanding our global presence, we move closer to our international clients and partners, fostering collaboration, and ensuring that we have the capacity to serve customers virtually anywhere in the world.

US subsidiary – a significant milestone
Especially the establishment of Precision Technic Defence Inc. in the US is a significant milestone, proving invaluable to the growth of our US partnerships. With a robust local presence in the US, we are able to significantly strengthen our partner support and to provide highly competitive advantages such as streamlined supply chain logistics, reduced financial risk, ITAR compliance, and more agile operations.

Increased sustainability focus
At Precision Technic Defence Group, we firmly believe that freedom and safety form the foundation for a sustainable world, and sustainability is therefore an integral part of our corporate strategy. One of our key sustainability efforts is the establishment of local service, reducing the need for shipping products to the US for servicing. ‘By avoiding long-distance transportation, we save valuable time and reduce costs while positively impacting our environmental footprint. Moreover, local service facilities result in the creation of local jobs benefiting local economies and communities. By actively addressing sustainability issues, we not only contribute to resolving social and environmental challenges but also meet the demands of environmentally-conscious clients, helping them achieve their sustainability goals’ states Jeppe Müller.

Take a tour on our new website to explore our all-in-one solution, learn more about our sustainability commitment and get to know what it is like working with Precision Technic Defence Group.