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New mobile sensor systems for the Danish MoD

Precision Technic Defence Group is pleased to announce that the company have been awarded the Modular Sensor System contract for Danish Defense Acquisition and Logistic Organization (DALO).

The Danish Defence Forces have been deployed to a number of different countries on live missions in the last decade and this has revealed the need for gyro-stabilized electro-optical Sensor System that is able to monitor an area of interest. By having the ability to monitor and possibly detect and identify movements at long range, it will allow the crew on a platform to better assess the situation and quicker take correct action. It will also reduce the risk of collateral damage by improving the ability to differentiate between combatants and non-combatants, and by employing weapon systems with higher accuracy.

The Contract includes a Medium range and a Long Range Sensor Systems for all branch applications of the Danish Defence, land, air and maritime. Precision Technic Defence Group is working with the long terms partner, TeledyneFLIR® for the contract and main contract deliverables. In addition, the contract includes masts, displays, power solution, integration etc. required to provide the Danish Defence Force with a complete Sensor capability.

One of the primary objectives with the Long and Medium Range Sensor System is to observe, locate and identify enemy units. A second objective with the Sensor System is to communicate these observations to other units which are typically in land or airborne platforms. A possible low-energy LTD (Laser Target Designator) used for marking serves the same purpose and this is especially relevant for communication and coordination with airborne platforms.

The contract award is divided into both a Procurement Contract as well as a Sustainment Contract, which will ensure to provide Danish Defence with a state-of-the-art Sensor Systems for the next decade.