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New distribution partnership with Internal Energy

Precision Technic Defence is proud to announce our distribution partnership with Internal Energy in EU.

A new thermal target contender has emerged and they are making waves! Internal Energy Thermal Targets has created industry changing, next generation thermal targets. Offering passive and active solutions that are more detailed and affordable than anything we’ve seen. Historically, active targets are too expensive and passive targets, while cheaper have to be tilted in order to be seen and don’t fair well in inclement weather. Internal Energy offers passive targets of high quality at an affordable price and passive targets that literally blow away the competition with their new X3 passive technology. No longer do targets have to be tilted back for optimum clarity and the thermal image they produce is second to none with brightness equal to that of an active target but without the cost. Designed and built in Canada, these targets are ITAR free and can be made in unlimited graphic configurations for the most demanding training needs.

All of Internal Energy Thermal Targets come with a peel and stick adhesive for use on plastic or wood. They have even been successfully used on the front side of AR500 steel for unparalleled visual and audible hit recognition experience.

Please contact Precision Technic Defence for more information.