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IMSAR’s NSP-7 SAR on Primoco’s UAV One 150 UAV

We are happy to announce that IMSAR and Primoco UAV have succesfully performed integration and preliminary flight testing of the NSP-7 Synthetic Aperture Radar on the Primoco One 150 UAV.

Live flight tests in the Czech Republic verified the aircraft performance and confirmed flight endurance of up to 10 hours. With the SAR radar installed on the portside of the fuselage, the payload bay remains unobstructed and allows simultaneous installation and operation of the EO/IR surveillance system. For a fraction of the operational costs of manned platform, this multi-sensor system can be used for:

  • Intelligence Gathering
  • Military Surveillance
  • Reconnaissance Missions
  • Disaster Preparation & Response
  • Counter-IED/Drug Trafficking
  • Search & Rescue Operations
  • Foliage Penetration
  • Livestock & Wildlife Monitoring
  • Counter Illegal Fishing
  • Monitoring Construction Sites
  • Monitoring Mining Operations
  • Infrastructure Monitoring
  • Border Security & Anti Piracy
  • Pipeline & Oil Spil Monitoring


The NSP-7 is a low-Size, Weight, Power and Cost (SWaP-C), multi-mode Ku-band radar system. It is packaged in an easy-to-integrate, weatherized pod form factor. The system functions day or night, in all weather conditions, and in other low-visibility conditions such as those caused by fog or smoke. The radar performs several modes, including:

  • SAR – high resolution synthetic aperture radar imaging
  • MCD/CCD – magnitude and coherent change detection
  • GMTI/MMTI – ground and maritime moving target indicator


The Primoco One 150 UAV is a medium weight UAV with 150 kg maximum take-off weight with fully automated operation, which is wholly produced by the OEM including its unique four-stroke four-cylinder engine. The advanced engine with low fuel consumption allows unnoticed operation due to its low noise footprint. The UAV has broken several records in endurance and range of control.