RevMedx is dedicated to saving lives by creating groundbreaking medical products designed specifically for combat medics and civilian first responders. We are developing a portfolio of wound dressings and bandages that we believe will revolutionise the treatment of traumatic bleeding.


RevMedx is a privately-held medical device company founded in 2009 to produce a treatment for non-compressible hemorrhage in tactical combat environments. By working closely with the US Army Medical Research and Materiel Command and US Special Operations Command, we succeeded in developing a novel hemostatic dressing capable of stopping high-flow arterial bleeding within seconds without external compression (the XStat™ dressing).


Closely allied with leading trauma research centers and specialists around the world, RevMedx is focused on being a worldwide leader in the design, development and manufacture of devices for use by combat medics and civilian first responders in pre-hospital environments.


Working closely with Special Operations Forces medics, we developed a novel hemostatic device (XStat™ dressing) capable of stopping high-flow arterial bleeding from non-compressible wounds. The core technology behind the XStat™ device is mini-sponges that expand upon contact with blood — resulting in a nearly immediate hemostatic effect without manual compression. The mini-sponge concept was co-invented by Engineer Clinic students at Harvey Mudd College and RevMedx co-founder Dr. Kenton Gregory. We are incorporating this self-expanding sponge technology into a portfolio of hemostatic dressings to treat a wide range of wound types.


Advanced and Innovative Solutions for Combat Medics and pre-hospital environments.

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