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Brutal, abusive, pounding, torturous…these are not words you hear when describing how precision optics are treated. But that is exactly what we inflicted upon a Nightforce high quality rifle scope on a warm summer day in Riggins, Idaho. Every brutal impact the scope received is captured in one continuous take from five separate camera angles; no cutaways, no time gaps, no edits. A good zero and accuracy were checked with a quick three shot group at 100 yards. From there, the rifle scope was impacted on the bench, turrets were spun up and down and then the scope was heaved downrange. The riflescope then took another three blows to a railroad tie and was sent back up-range. After using a rock to break it’s fall, the same rifle scope was mounted back up and tested on the same target. We’ll let the video show you what the riflescope is capable of. Would your Riflescope stand up to that kind of abuse? We don’t recommend you try and get disappointed. They say a picture is worth a thousand words; we only need three. Rugged. Reliable. Repeatable.TM Nightforce Optics offers dedicated MIL-SPEC products which are classified as Defense Articles under the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (22 C.F.R. Part 120-130) and are available for military unit purchase (not available for individual purchase). Since we maintain a close working relationship with our Engineering staff, our MIL-SPEC riflescopes can be configured to meet specific requirements. While our commercial products have no warranty when used in a military application, MIL-SPEC riflescopes have a 10-year warranty and are built to exceed US MIL-STD 810 F&G for shock, pressure and submersion.


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