Wild Things Tactical



Chosen for the world’s most demanding conditions by the world’s most demanding users. Wild Things is an outdoor brand chosen by individuals who are knowledgeable about their outdoor activities, know that’s current, and what works. These individuals are serious about what they do and what they buy. They seek out the best-made, most reputable technical gear. WT take great pride in serving the common needs of all our users in the Military and US Armed Forces, law enforcement, and the outdoor enthusiast. This demanding, elite audience feels no need to compromise, and this attitude runs through the Wild Things brand.


Wild Things Tactical offers pure, simple, effective product lines. In a cluttered world, we simplify decisions on what to wear as you pursue your outdoor passions. WT Tactical by Wild Things, LLC leverages our alpine experience to create extraordinary products to meet the needs of the military and law enforcement Wild Things has been making mountaineering apparel and gear for 30 years, and products for the US military for nearly that long. Under WT Tactical, Wild Things has fulfilled over 25 military contracts, from large program business to smaller unit level sales tailored to meet specific mission goals. WT Tactical has a reputation for rapid prototype development, a design discipline forged from personal experience and direct user feedback, and high quality, reliable production.


All sorts of Tactical Clothing.

Credibility – Knowledge – Quality

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