Tactical Concealment



Since 1999 Tactical Concealment has been outfitting the world’s elite warriors with our sniper apparel and tactical gear. We take pride in the design and production of our products and those we outfit. Each product is handled individually throughout the production process and our end users can feel confident and rest assure we’ve got their 6 so they can focus on more important tasks at hand. Today this legacy still continues. Through allot of hard work, and simply caring we will continue to provide our customers with the best products we are capable of manufacturing right here at home in the U.S.A. You can count on Tactical Concealment to help ensure your safety and success on and off the battlefield.


Ghillie Suits and Sniper Equipment. Sample product: MAMBA Suit, A-TACS FG (ghillie suit foundation)

Credibility – Knowledge – Quality

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