S.W.O.R.D. International



SWORD International, Inc. specializes in unique purpose built small arms. Our 5.56 Assault carbine, 7.62 Battle carbine, and .338LM Extreme distance capable semi auto rifle are specially built semi-custom models which constitute a product portfolio that meets and exceeds any end-users requirements. As former Special Operations soldiers, SWORD International makes it our responsibility to develop the finest combat weapon systems on the planet. We take that responsibility very seriously. With current production numbering less then 1200 units a year and considering the attention paid to every detail on our small arms solutions, our products are extremely rare and sought after. Our target customer is the U.S. and allied Special Operations units. As patriots and firm believers in the second amendment we make a limited number of our small arms solutions available to the U.S. civilian marketplace as well.


Exclusive Semi Auto Firearms for Snipers and Assaulters.


Credibility – Knowledge – Quality

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