STEINER Sensor Technology Systems



The Sensor Technology Systems Division of the Steiner Group designs and manufactures enhanced technology products that provide Special Operations, Homeland Security, Law Enforcement and other specialized users with improved situational awareness in both night and day operations.


• Combat ID Systems
• Tagging, Tracking, and Locating (TTL) Beacons
• Digital and Fused Night Vision Devices for ISR
• Laser Illuminators and Pointers

Diffraction provides the most advanced suite of short wave infrared (SWIR) imagers, beacons, illuminators, and pointers in the world, and specializes in the design and manufacture of thermal beacons. Diffraction also provides rapid prototyping and development services for a wide range of military electro-optic systems.

• Intensified night vision systems
• Sensor Fusion systems
• Heads Up Display (HUD) & Helmet Mounted Display (HMD) systems
• A full range of head / helmet mounting accessories

Sensor Technology Systems (STS) is the designer and manufacturer of Low-Profile Night Vision Goggles (LPNVG) for counter-terrorism and low intensity conflict operations by Special Operations Forces. With locations in the US and the UK, STS specializes in supporting the equipment needs of government, military, and law enforcement personnel worldwide

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