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SPUHR’s mission is to produce innovative solutions containing a minimum of parts. They never copy the designs of other manufacturers as there is always a need for improvement. Our ISMSTM scope mounts is a perfect example of our innovative design. For more than a hundred years’ scope mounts have looked basically the same – with the same limitations – regardless of the manufacturer. That is, until our ISMSTM came to market in 2010. We have taken the scope mount from being just a way of attaching the scope to a firearm to a platform with is a system for mounting the scope as well as accessories such as back-up sights, NV, lasers and cosine meters. Using the very best materials and coatings ensure the products a very long life and what little extra that is needed to perform under the worst conditions. All products featuring the Spuhr name are intended for the worst difficult missions and severe circumstances. 99% of the products are manufactured in Sweden. This gives maximum control over the production to achieve the highest precision and quality.

All Precision Technic Defence weapons systems comes default with SpuhrTM mounts for selected Day Optics.


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