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POF-USA is dedicated to providing the highest quality parts and accessories for law enforcement, military and civilian sales at the lowest costs available. Service and support is our number one priority and concern.

Whether you are a Soldier, Federal Agent, Police Officer, Contractor, or an American Citizen POF-USA guarantee RELENTLESS RELIABILITY.

POF-USA is an American owned and operated small business. Their manufacturing and R&D facilities are headquartered in Glendale, Arizona. POF-USA specialize in the design, manufacturing and marketing of AR style rifles, uppers, lowers and miscellaneous gun accessories.

POF-USA has engineered, manufactured and tested this system. They are extremely proud of the durability and performance of the P308 and the P415/P416 gas-piston uppers. POF-USA have eliminated features of the gas operating system such as gas-rings, gas tube, gas key. The P308 and the P415/P416 gas-piston systems also eliminates heat, carbon build up and gas leaks which can have an adverse effect on the operating system. The biggest issue being HEAT. A weapons first priority, must be RELIABILITY.

Frank DeSomma is President and CEO of POF-USA. Frank has 28 years experience in an industry most recognized for precision, quality, and reliability, the Aerospace Industry. His success in the manufacturing business is based on his skill and experience in troubleshooting faulty equipment and design engineering. As a sport shooter and lifelong student of quality and precision, Frank decided to embark on a voyage to improve the traditional gas impingement design for the AR-style rifle. In just four short years, Frank has been able to inject his dedication for perfection into the main stream firearms industry.


Semi auto Gas Piston Firearms.

Credibility – Knowledge – Quality

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