Line of Fire



LINE OF FIRE produces a proprietary combination of gloves and materials designed to enhance grip in a unique way. Key to the system is TEGS™ micro replication technology. The TECHNOLOGY ENHANCED GRIP SYSTEM consists of a high-friction gripping material built into a glove (PART A), and complementary material mated to a surface to be grasped (PART B).

Thousands of interlocking microscopic projections interlock to provide unparalleled gripping capabilities whether the surface is dry, wet, dusty, or covered in mud, sweat, or blood. Because TEGS™ protects against slippage but is non-adhering, users who need to be connected to their tools (weapons, magazines, ladders, hose nozzles, breaching tools, litters, vehicle surfaces) — while being able to release the tool rapidly — will find TEGS™ provides unmatched performance.


Next Generation Tactical Gloves for all seasons.

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