Kestrel Windmeters



At and Nielsen-Kellerman, makers of Kestrel Meters, weather is serious business! NK been researching, designing, manufacturing and distributing Kestrel Meters for 10 years. NK’s founders and lead engineers, Richard Kellerman and Paul Nielsen, are determined to make the most accurate and reliable hand-held weather devices available. They have developed four patented measurement technologies for the Kestrel family and continue to research ways to improve the Kestrel line and create new products to meet customers’ needs. At, we’re proud to offer these robust, reliable instruments to you!

While it may not be obvious when you look at a Kestrel side-by-side with a competitor’s weather meter, there are very important differences that make Kestrel the best choice for almost every application:

  • Certified and Guaranteed Accuracy
  • US Manufacturing
  • Field and Factory Recalibration
  • Patented Removable Impeller
  • Dual Temperature Sensor RH Measurement
  • Pressure-Corrected Wet Bulb Temperature
  • Patented Temperature Measurement
  • Product Tune-Ups and Certification
  • Leak and Drop Testing
  • Returns, Warranty and Guarantee


Every single Kestrel manufactured at Nielsen-Kellerman is calibrated for every single value, either directly against NIST-traceable standards or against an intermediary standard that is calibrated daily. Every unit is shipped with a FREE Certificate of Conformity that states what calibrations were performed, and the certified performance specifications. What does that mean for the customer? They can be absolutely sure that their weather readings are accurate to the stated specifications. Some competing weather instruments claim the same specifications as Kestrel, but only Kestrel certifies their accuracy.


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