Internal Energy



The Internal Energy’s proprietary and state-of-the-art X-Heat Technology allows our front mounted (shoot-through) thermal targets to feature a multi-hit capability, all while representing real-life heat signatures in a wide range of operating environments and ambient temperatures.

By using safe, low voltage power options (12 and 24 VDC) end users are no longer bound by range or shoot house setup or constraints and can power the targets with any 12 or 24V power arrangement.

The Internal Energy Thermal Target™ is designed to work with most targeting systems or as standalone resources. The temperature projection can be customized at the design level or can even be controlled by optional PWM Control Modules.

These “real-life” temperature projections promote a more realistic training experience and will better familiarize the end user with their thermal optics. The Internal Energy Thermal Target™ is easily mounted onto a variety of targets and target stands with preinstalled peel and stick mounting strips. The E-Type Thermal Target™ is also sized to fit standard Iron Maidens and the most popular popup target stands. In addition, it can be used with indoor range carriers, mounted on posts, on shoot house/range target stands, etc. Solutions and configurations are available as consumer level “Smalls” (9” x 12” Coyote, Hogs, Rabbits, etc.) thermal infantry targets (E-type and F-type) and even thermal armor targets for vehicles, tank tracks, engines, turrets, and wheels.


Thermal targets for military.

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