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AKU, an Italian company, founded by Galliano Bordin, has grown from a small workshop into an industry with more than thirty years’ experience in the design and production of high quality trekking and outdoor footwear. AKU have worked with SOF units and distinct tactical design teams to develop a line of footwear focused towards the Law Enforcement and Armed Forces.

In the past AKU have designed and delivered thousands of the SPIDER boot for US NSW SEAL-teams and the PILGRIM footwear products and been extremely well received by several L.E.A.F. units and communities around the world. The AKU collection ranges from mountaineering boots to active free time footwear and behind each model lies a genuine love for manufacturing, built on the age-old prestigious tradition of Italian workmanship. Research into new technologies, together with the design and production of the AKU trekking and outdoor footwear collection top models, take place at the production plant in Montebelluna, Italy in the province of Treviso, famous for its sports footwear. Ongoing investments in materials research, technological designs, and production craftsmanship have made AKU the undisputed leader in comfort and fit for all applications of outdoor footwear.


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