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A global supplier of superior solutions: Founded in 1986, Action Target, Inc. is a privately owned business headquartered in Provo, Utah that employs approximately 200 people. Action Target is a leading global supplier of superior shooting range products, equipment, design, manufacturing and training for law enforcement, military, and commercial ranges. Action Target has installed thousands of gun ranges in the United States and in over 25 other countries around the world. Unlike many in the industry, the company engineers, manufactures, and installs all of its own products. Action Target is recognised for developing innovative new firearms training technology, having the experience to properly apply that technology to solve today’s training problems and in being dedicated to providing the best ongoing service and support in the industry.


At the Forefront of Research & Development Over the last 10 years, Action Target has introduced more than 125 new firearms training innovations: They were the first to introduce individual, automated targets powered by compressed air instead of electric motors – a new industry standard for all types of law enforcement and military ranges. They were the first to provide a portable, reliable, and affordable “Running Man” target system for dynamic law enforcement firearms training. They were the first to incorporate powerful computer controls to run your range applications. Because Action Target is so far ahead when it comes to innovation, their products have helped determine the course of modern firearms training and shooting range development. In fact, nearly every major department across the country now trains on Action Target equipment. Nobody else can come close to saying that.


Shooting Houses, Range Equipment, Bullet Traps and so much more.

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