Northern Red



Northern Red is founded by former-SOF operators who have spend majority of the life “at the tip of the spear”.

Together, the two companies are offering training and services to L.E.A.F SOF units in the US and Europe. Please contact us for more information. In a world growing more uncertain by the minute, we need all the well-developed professionals, we can get. Precision Technic Defence and Northern Red offers experience-based tactical training and courses to candidates who posses the courage and capacity to mitigate a wide range of combatants, scenarios and environments. The programs and courses are designed based on a combination of our instructor’s personal experiences in war zones, and their experiences in many of the world’s elite military training programs. By the end of the training the individual operator or unit will have been educated, trained and focused on performance effectiveness and solutions.


Training is offered within the following main areas:

  • Personal Weapons (Pistol and Carbine)
  • Close Quarter Battle
  • Basic Sniper Course
  • Advanced Medium Range Sniper
  • Advanced Long Range Sniper
  • Advanced Explosives and Breaching
  • Mobility Operations
  • Confined Space Climbing and much more.

All weapons and tactics classes are based upon basic requirements in regards to operator being confident and accurate with personal weapon.

Credibility – Knowledge – Quality

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