Desert Tech (Training)



The Desert Tech Training Facility is the largest premiere training and shooting facility in the west, located on 25,000 acres in northeastern Utah. The facility was created to provide a place for shooters and Operators from around the world to obtain unparalleled firearms instruction. The Desert Tech team of instructors offer extensive real-world experience within Military and a specialized Law Enforcement knowledge base to provide the most practical training opportunities. The curriculum has been designed to provide military and Law Enforcement real-life scenarios that induce stress, which, amongst others, will produce a better gunfighter not just a better shooter. Every course is focused on developing the skill sets required for peak performance under the stress of real-world.

The Desert Tech Training Facility provides first class accommodations to compliment their extensive selection of ranges. The Desert Tech Training Facility provides opportunities to train everything from Breaching and demolition to high angle counter sniper. For any and every scenario, The Desert Tech Training Facility will have the location and experienced instructor to provide the best training possible.

Desert Tactical Arms was founded in May of 2007, the company was created to protect the freedom of the United States of America, our allies and people by providing the most compact, accurate, and reliable precision weapon systems in the world. Desert Tactical Arms strongly supports civil rights, especially the right of every individual to own firearms to protect themselves, their family, and their property and the use of firearms in defense, hunting, and shooting sports.

The company recognize that to preserve the right of gun ownership there must be a strong network of firearms dealers and we strive to support our dealer network with attractive sales programs, training, timely delivery schedules, and unrivaled customer service.


Firearms Training, main efforts concerning Sniper and Counter Sniper. High Angle as well as flat range. Extreme Long Distance shooting.

Credibility – Knowledge – Quality

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