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GPS Source is a USA engineering and manufacturing company that offers a full line of GPS, GLONASS (GNSS) Signal Distribution Products, GPS Retransmission Products and GPS Signal Design Services. Since 2000, they have designed and manufactured GPS Antennas, GLONASS Antennas (GPS L1 & L1/2, M Code, GLONASS L1 & L1/L2), GPS Amplifiers, GLONASS Amplifiers, GPS Attenuators, GPS Rack Mounts, GPS Filters, GPS Antenna Splitters, GLONASS Antenna Splitters, (GNSS Power Dividers), Coax Cables and other GPS Signal and GLONASS Signal Distribution Accessories. Their GPS Splitters and Amplifiers are designed to work well with Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS). GPS Source is a 100% veteran owned company.


GPS Source creates tools that support the US Army’s strategy for Assured PNT. This includes tools to help reduce SWaP-C (Size, Weight, Power and Cost), increased protection to ensure PNT is available and the ability to receive and distribute M-code. GPS retransmission systems designed by GPS Source for the military provide GPS coverage within any aircraft or ground vehicle. This means any handheld military or commercial GPS receiver, precision air drop guidance unit (JPADS) and military free fall receiver will acquire L1/L2 and M-Code signals inside the aircraft or ground vehicle. The Warfighter will have satellite connectivity and situational awareness prior to dismounting a vehicle or exiting an aircraft.

  • Eliminates Time to First Fix
  • Improves Situational Awareness
  • Gives Continual Grid Coordinate
  • Availability
  • Combat Proven Core Technology
Credibility – Knowledge – Quality

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