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Comrod designs and manufactures tactical antennas, marine antennas, antenna systems, tactical support masts, power supplies & battery chargers and composite utility pole systems.

Comrod Communication Group is an international company with development, production, sales & marketing to the defense communication and civil markets. The Comrod Communication group of companies are associated with innovative, high quality solutions and long-lasting products.

The Norwegian subsidiary, Comrod AS, is a supplier of antennas, antenna systems and power supplies, mainly for the defence market, but also for maritime and commercial applications.

Comrod France SAS is a supplier of masts and mast systems, antennas and composite industrial products.

Comrod Sweden AB (formerly WIBE Telescopic Masts) are a world leader in the design and manufacture of crank-up and motorized aluminium telescopic masts.

Comrod Inc, located in Cleveland, Ohio USA, was opened in 2010 to serve the US market. Comrod Inc has full access to the entire Comrod Group of products as well as the support of the design, engineering and manufacturing teams.

The Group headquarters is located at Stavanger in South-Western Norway.


Comrod has the widest range of tactical masts in the industry including sectional, sectional tripod and telescopic with models available using composite or aluminium materials.

Masts sizes range from light duty man-portable sectional up to heavy duty motorized masts for fully automatic deployment.  Heights ranging from 2m up to 30m and payload weight up to 300kg and a retracted height all the way down to 0,7m, Comrod has a solution that will fit any needs.

LMT Series and TM series Masts is designed to be used on vehicles.

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