At TrellisWare, they are redefining the “edge” of wireless networks to solve the most difficult communications challenges. The TSM™ solutions uniquely handle real tactical environments and can scale to address small teams to large and complex networks.

TrellisWare’s established TSM networking ecosystem, backed by the TSM Release 6 (TSM-6) waveform, provides interoperability, massive scalability, and robust networking when tactical communications demands it most. The infrastructure-less, non-routing Mobile Ad-hoc Network (MANET) of TSM-6 performs reliably harsh RF environments such as subterranean tunnels, in-ship, or in and around urban buildings.

TrellisWare’s Barrage Relay™ technology is at the core of the TSM waveform, inevitably establishing an all-encompassing networking TSM ecosystem. Every node in the network is enabled to transmit, receive, and relay voice, data, and Position Location Information (PLI) simultaneously.

TrellisWare is modernizing wideband HF communications with innovative techniques that exploit the physics of the ionosphere to achieve maximum throughput and reliability. TrellisWare’s modern F-LDPC coding combined with iterative detection delivers unprecedented performance over the 24 KHz wideband channel. When operating in challenging environments with significant multipath, TrellisWare’s TRL-6 modem delivers significant performance gains over today’s solutions.


For over a decade, TrellisWare has been providing the government with robust communication solutions when other MANETs could not accommodate large-scale, highly mobile, or harsh RF environment missions. The TSM™ waveform and products are widely trusted enabling reliable networked communications When Nothing Else Works™.

TrellisWare’s TSM waveform uniquely provides on-the-move communications for dynamic network adaption which easily supports ground platform speeds and airborne platform speeds. TSM is ideal for highly mobile networking as it remains secure, it enables usability without RF environment interruptions, and it provides for full network awareness.

TSM can be embedded to unmanned aircraft systems or mounted as a pod to better support tactical users who are spread out in highly mobile ground formations. The TSM waveform enables low profile and quick deployment networking, extends network range, directly connects radio to equipment, and provides advantageous connectivity for far away connections.

TrellisWare’s TSM products are purchased and adopted by several international customers. The high performance characteristics making TSM so successful with its current customers, continues to generate intense interest and demand for our products in markets worldwide. The current export regulations controlling TSM products under the Department of Commerce ultimately enable most international end-users easy access to products and technical support.


TrellisWare’s next generation radio featuring unparalleled performance powered by the TSM™ waveform.

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