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Shield AI is an artificial intelligence (AI) company that builds AI software and systems for the national security sector. The company is focused on developing technology to advance ISR capabilities, with the goal of reducing risk by anticipating unknown challenges, thereby preventing combat casualties. Its products are designed to provide critical information in areas previously unknown and out-of-reach, such as building interiors and underground tunnels, in order to allow service members and first responders to make the informed decisions while remaining out of harm’s way.   

Shield AI was founded to reduce combat casualties by providing heightened visibility in the most dangerous places. The company’s mission – to protect service members and civilians with artificially intelligent systems – is rooted in the experience of the company’s veteran co-founder, who served as a U.S. Navy SEAL.   

Since 2015, Shield AI has been at the forefront of Defense Technology companies focused on furthering artificial intelligence. Leveraging decades worth of research and industry-leading talent, Shield AI’s team seeks to develop cutting-edge artificial intelligence that will fundamentally transform the nature of future conflicts by creating unprecedented levels of collective understanding to cut through uncertainty and the fog of war. 



Shield AI’s artificial intelligence products include both AI software and intelligent hardware systems.  

The company’s custom-built AI software suite, Hivemind, enables unmanned systems to operate autonomously, intelligently team, and read and react to their environment in order to bring “self-driving” capabilities to an array of defense platforms. Hivemind is designed to allow vehicles to navigate, complete tasks, and identify adversaries autonomously, without reliance on human operators, GPS waypoints, or pre-programmed routes.   

The first platform powered by Hivemind is Shield AI’s autonomous and artificially intelligent sUAS, Nova. Nova independently navigates inside unknown, complex environments, builds maps of its surroundings, and streams video back to its operator in real time. This allows service members to see inside a structure before they enter – all without requiring a teammate to pilot the robot.   


Through application of AI, Shield AI’s products provide visibility and information in places we cannot see today. Shield AI’s technology enables machines to independently execute tasks without human input, allowing people to make the most informed decisions while remaining out of harm’s way.  The company’s capabilities are built for resilience and equipped to operate in complex contested edge environments – and even in areas with degraded or disrupted GPS and communications. 


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