Juggernaut Case


Juggernaut Defense, LLC is a trusted product development resource specializing in the design, engineering and prototyping of equipment for the dismounted warfighter. Since 2000 Juggernaut Defense has been engaged in many programs like Objective Force Warrior, BAO-kit and GSE/NETT Warrior sustaining special operation missions in support of GWOT and conventional combat operations. These projects and programs have relied on Juggernaut for innovative design solutions that meet user needs, are engineering for quality and durability, and can be manufactured within today’s competitive defense budgets. Many of these projects have involved getting hands-on experience through exercise participation and gathering immediate feedback from warfighters returning from theater.

A critical step in the design process, embedded research not only yields invaluable information concerning problems with current equipment, but also direct user input and feedback with regard to early design concepts and prototypes.  Juggernaut Defense has access to some of the most elite warfighter groups to field and train with and deploy prototypes and equipment early in the process to avoid critical errors and costly revisions. This also leads to shorter product fielding times and faster ‘speed to theater’.

Groups we work with also feel a sense of involvement in the design process which also lends to greater ‘warfighter-acceptance’ to the products Juggernaut design.


Juggernaut Defence provide Juggernaut.Case™ for multiple Android and Windows devices,Juggernaut Radio.Dock™ for Soldier Wearable radios and Video Down Link Receivers and well asCustom Cables and product designs.

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