Elbit Systems (C4ISR)



Elbit Systems offers an extensive range of sophisticated warning systems for armored fighting vehicles. Tailored to meet specific requirements, the systems provide personnel with accurate warnings to support effective and timely responses to laser and radar-guided threats. Providing 360-degree threat coverage, the warning systems integrate with a full array of countermeasures.

Customizable – The range of warning systems can be tailored to provide the required degree of accuracy and meet a broad range of threats. Whether installed as a stand-alone system or integrated with countermeasures, the system can be easily fitted to all AFVs.


Elbit Systems’ Laser Warning System (ELAWS),Threat Detection System (TDS) and Mini Laser Warning System (MLWS) can detect, categorize and pinpoint laser sources such as rangefinders, designators, beam riders, infrared illuminators and trainers. In addition to laser sources, the Multi Threat Detection System (MTDS) detects, categorizes and pinpoints radar/RF sources. The MLWS is especially designed for use by the infantry solder, Small, light weight and has the same performance as all other Laser Warning All of these systems allow for training within the vehicle and include built-in test. Superior Performance – The systems are an essential component of the vehicle’s defensive capabilities and feature audio and visual warnings, high detection probability, and a low false-alarm rate. The advanced, high-speed processing and communication capabilities, combined with electro-optical operation, ensure accurate and dependable operation. In addition, the system is immune to false alarms triggered by reflections, lightning, gunfire as well as self-RF and electro-optical operations. The warning systems are combat-proven and in use by numerous armed forces around the world (NATO and others).

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